Dr Karen Cuthbert

I work within and across both gender and sexualities studies, although my interests are inherently intersectional. In the past, I’ve looked at the ways in which sexuality intersects with disability, and have been involved in research projects on sexuality and migration (‘Intimate Migrations: LGBT migrants in Scotland’), and on the intersection of sexuality, religion, and youth (‘Making Space for Queer-Identifying Religious Youth’).

I have a long-standing interest in asexuality (and forms of ‘non’ sexualities more broadly, such as celibacy and sexual abstinence). My PhD explored how asexuality and sexual abstinence are particularly gendered ‘constructs’, as well as how asexual and abstinent identifying people themselves lived and experienced gender. This research also spoke to broader debates within feminist theory and queer and LGBT+ studies on the inter-relationship between ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’.

My work has been published in the journals SociologyEducational Review, Sexualities, Gender & Society, Qualitative Research and elsewhere.