Dr Joseph Hall

I approach this project as a human geographer interested in young people’s intersectional, socio-spatial understandings, experiences and practices of gender in contemporary UK. Alongside interests in diverse youth geographies of gender, I have broader research experience in geographical explorations of children, childhood and youth, gender and sexualities, and education and schooling. These long-standing research interests came together in my ESRC Open Competition doctoral thesis which examined The Formation, Implementation and Reception of Gender and Sexualities Education in English Primary Schools (University of Hull). I have presented findings from this doctoral research in academic and non-academic settings, and I have a forthcoming manuscript in Social and Cultural Geography and a manuscript under-review for a Special Issue entitled Sexual(ities that) Progress.

International post-doctoral research in Brazil (young people and the food-water-energy nexus) and the U.S. (LGBTQ-affirming schools) have developed and extended these research interests with publications in development, under-review or accepted by the International Journal of Inclusive Education, Social & Cultural Geography and Praeger Publishers (book chapter in Youth Sexualities: Public Feelings and Contemporary Cultural Politics).